Booth Bandits National Team FALL20/SUMMER21-APPLICATION  Lacrosse

Fall 2020
Jun 26 ’20
Jun 27 ’21
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Booth Bandits National Team F20/S21-APPLICATION

Since 2012 the BOOTH BANDITS NATIONAL TEAM has competed in key tournaments such as the Adrenaline Challenge and were crowned champions in the HS division and competed in others such as the u15 US lacrosse National Championships, numerous times.  

The BANDITS will compete to play in the most competitive"destination" tournaments while having the best players from the all over the nation playing to form a unique bond that is not experienced often.  This team will be comprised of players from NY, PA, TX, CA, IL, FL, UT, MA, AZ and Canada.

The BANDITS will have practice Jan 8th in Del Mar, CA preceding the Adrenaline Challenge(over 100 teams competing) on January 9th-10th 2021 in Del Mar, California.

If you are driven and think you have what it takes, we encourage you to complete the Player Application as soon as possible to be considered for a spot on one of our BOOTH BANDITS NATIONAL TEAM

This team is an "INVITE ONLY" and players must complete a player application to be considered for an invitation to the team.

Applications close on Sunday, October 31st!

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